Brandenburger Group

Our mission statement



The interaction with internal and external partners is characterized by fairness, mutual respect and appreciation.

-Fair play comes first-



We care for a open and honest communication culture between the employees and the departments by talking to not about each other.

-Opening doors, bridging the gaps-


We trust into the skills of our employees, involve them in decision making, strengthen their individual responsibility and promote teamwork. Every employee represents the company.

-We are Brandenburger-



Our internal and external customers and suppliers appreciate our reliability in supplying our services. Every manager takes the exemplary function seriously, asks for responsibility and practice it.

-Only those who lead by example can demand the same-



As innovation leader we striving for quality and growth. Therefore we always put in question all our actions regarding products, markets and customers.

-We make a difference-



Through target and performance orientation we make successes visible, appreciate them and increase the fun and motivation at work.

-Together we hit the target-